London #4 – #HELLOndon #inspiringalientravels

When I’m crying inside to outside, it means I’m leaving something behind. Many many many things. Many Londons within a London. I could not expect it to be so expansive.

I love him.

The city is also gorgeous. I visualise myself living here. I’m growing and doing life to my fullest.

Before any of that happens
I look outside from the couch window,
I hear someone coughing,
I feel my back curling up into a curve on the seat,
My brain tells me a story of sadness –

And I see 77 again, I see suburban visions out there, the truth, the lost, the creation.

It’s June 5th 2018 and I’m leaving London. We both know it’s good and bad. That applies to my menstruation too.

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