London #2 – #inspiringalientravels #HELLOndon


Hostel beds were noisy while train station was right next to us.

I walked a lot and ended up crying.


So I woke up around 10am GMT and took a few moments getting up. My room mates seem nice.

Going to Excel was easy, I enjoyed my time @ doterra convention. I learned a lot and realized my name card matched my shirt. That shirt was so sweaty once I got back around Midnight, after walking around trying to find money exchange but every single one was closed… I asked money from a friend for a ticket. I didn’t arrive early enough.


So I walked more trying and trying to get SOMEWHERE. Then I felt the blisters, cold, sweat and my inner thighs in pain, it hurt to walk and I felt like I lost it all.

I went to a gas station. The ATM wouldn’t show my balance and I decided to sit on the ground…

That didn’t lead anywhere…

I put my thumb up by the street.

Someone pulled up and asked where I was going. No resolution… I started crying, crying, crying more, desperate…

A person asked if everything was ok.


He offered to take me back.

He asked for a sexual favor.

I denied.
Gaslighting for a few lines.

He then wanted to talk.

We talked.

About god, universe, life, people…
I told him about my beliefs in energy and The Source. I didn’t tell him I’m a witch.

He was nice. He was lonely. He had a Parrot. He drove a van.

He gave me pleasure, fingers, tongue… A bit too heavy though. But other than that I liked it. I didn’t feel enough to “return the favour”. It’s a love thing, intimate, for me. That’s what I crave the most.



He bought me a drink, pleased himself and dropped me. It was something I appreciated. Not my type, but I got more than I asked for. In a good way.

He said I looked 15. That was weird…

I slept my pants pulled down and it was blissful.


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