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London #1

May 16 – 2018

Waking up so insomniac I knew it was my time today
The time I would expand my life.
There are things one wonders why they never did before,
And going to London
Could’ve been one of them.

Now, Inspiring Alien is not the one to settle. They worry for sure, but it never stops them.
So they woke up this Wednesday in that mindset to ditch the one and known,
And here we are.

In London.

Still wondering at the airport wtf am i doing.
After running all the way,
Just to find the flight late.

And there I was thinking I would be the one late.

Everything went so smooth it felt unreal – after all of the chaos I crawled through and pushed and I pushed to make it better, but I could not sleep, not rest, I felt so lost.
This reality pulled me out of the smog. It’s like the green all over UK south would fill me up with fresh, clear oxygen. There is nothing better than smiling like an idiot over the plane landing.

That there, is true bliss.

Honestly, it freaks me out. What is this, even?

I made up a energy protection method called “fluff of peace”. The clouds upon flying reminded me of it.

I read this Book called “The Big Leap”.. It felt so much like today. This trip is so much more than “London, UK”.

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