12 Things To Do this Gemini Season

Here are the top 12 things to do this Gemini season aka Sun Transiting Gemini. I’m extremely happy to make this post because I am a Gemini Sun Person! YAY!


1. Talk to an old friend. Gemini people have friends. So you probably have a bunch of old friends you haven’t caught up with in a while. Go ahead and do that.

2. Making new friends. Take some time to network with people. It doesn’t have to be like 10. Like you can make one or two new friends if you want to, or just get to know someone. Even if they don’t end up really becoming your lifelong friends, if they’re just people you know. It’s OK. Wouldn’t need to be putting so much pressure on ourselves to be the best at everything we would do, become too goal oriented towards making friends.

3. Study something intriguing – the key here is that something that makes you very curious and doesn’t feel like you just have to study this. When I was doing A-levels there were several subjects that I didn’t quite like, didn’t give me the motivation to learn them because I didn’t like them. It felt like the waste of my time. So I wouldn’t enjoy studying those things, but my fave subjects got my brain stimulated in a nice way.

4. Say hello to your sibling(s). Or sometimes your siblings don’t have to be blood relatives, or from your family. They can be Metaphorical siblings. Take that connection to your siblings. Take some time to say hello and let them know that you exist.

5. Look at things from two perspectives – Gemini are the twins so they have the duality nature. We should look at things from two perspectives. We should look at things from either or, or both. That’s something that’s a very positive effect of Gemini because then we kind of get out of the tunnel vision.

6. Very practical tip – when you go out shopping, compare prices. This talks about looking from two different perspectives. But here we can have even more than two comparing prices comparing the quality of the items, for example coffee: one costs 10 € and other one costs 2 €. This one isn’t organic and it’s mass produced – but this other one is made by an independent brewery. Which one would you like which you would you think is more qualifying for their money really?

7. Talk to yourself. Or..

8. Talk to your plants, your pets, your neighbors – just talk. Talk more. Even complete nonsense, this season is great for experimenting with talking because it can also stimulate your thoughts like your inner world, how you express things coming outside yourself.

9. Brainstorm. This is such a Gemini thing to do because they have all these ideas. It cannot even explain it in one sentence. If you come into my mind you wouldn’t be able to go much further from the front door. You’d be just having to stop and see like oh what’s this book of ideas here ohhh another shiny object ohh what’s that LOLLLL memessss. What’s this book, what’s this notebook. That’s kind of how I think about it. It’s kind of a library of a million types of ideas for a million different categories.

10. Switch things up – Geminis appreciate change. They get bored easily. For example if you always drink your coffee in a little mug like this… Maybe you should get yourself a yellow mug and try it out – yellow is the colour of Gemini after all. Try things like that maybe you should put your hair on the other side. Any little changes. Use a different colour pen, if you usually don’t make your bed in the morning, try making your bed every morning, building your morning routine around that.

11. I kind of mentioned it already – Wear yellow. Find some more yellow. Yellow is the colour correspondence of Gemini; in most sources.

12. Write, journal and read. Now what I’ve been really liking this month so far is reading fiction. I’ve just been so drawn to reading fiction books. And I think it’s partly also because of Neptune being in Pisces. They’re in their home signs. So it’s like ultimate smoothness for fiction reading and writing. I have been really liking writing things and journaling. And it’s such a good time for it because it is Gemini season. And of course journaling is lovely. Let me know if you would like some journaling prompts maybe… 🙂

With all love and stardust,


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