12 THINGS TO DO THIS TAURUS SEASON – Taurus Season Bucket List


We all know that the Sun takes 365-ish days to circle around the Earth – astrologically, the Sun visits each sign of the zodiac in a year. The Sun will shine it’s light into the house of your astrological birthchart where each sign falls. In this post, we’ll be going into the sign of Taurus and what Taurus Season, Sun transiting the sign of Taurus can bring us. These are very practical ideas on things to do this Taurus season in order to harness the energy of this time of the year.

Here are the twelve things that each of us should do this Taurus season – a Taurus season Bucket list, if you will.

This post exists in video form here.

1. Go for a walk in nature…

2. … Better yet – take a little bag with you and pick up trash while you’re in nature.

3. Re-decorate your home.

4. Cook a luxurious, tasty meal. This is a very Taurean thing to do. Taurus absolutely loves tasty food. And…

5. … you could serve it as a whole experience with other types stimulating objects such as candles, different lighting, soft fabrics, a certain set up for serving the food like all kinds of nice little decorations on the table, specific tea pot for tea… things like that, to make it like a whole experience. You could even play music or have some scented candles.

6. Invest into yourself. If you are in an area that celebrates Mother’s Day this month in May – you could invest in your mama.

7. Meditate on having patience and trust. Taurus are very known for being dependable, very patient and very trustworthy. So if you have struggles with these qualities, you might want to meditate on having these qualities within or maybe even do a little spell or manifestation work based on it, like journaling. A guided meditation and little journaling prompts will be linked at the end of this article.

8. Listen to relaxing music…

9. While you look out of the window, sit in public transport, in a car, in a plane – something like that. Listen to some relaxing music while you’re chillin at the beach.

10. Get a new plant in your home house apartment, or –

11. Do some gardening and get a new plant over there. This is also one of those very Taurean symbols. Archetype usually considered with Taurus is the Gardener because they kind of take care of that growth that has hatched from the seed in Aries. This would be a very nice step to take in the Taurus New Moon – remember to have an intention or something you’re manifesting in order to amp up the magic game!

12. Make financial decisions, appointments, goals. The Taurus season Full Moon in Scorpio would be a nice time to review your financial goals.

I have a few book recommendations for you in regards to the money stuff. These may contain affiliate links (amazon US):

You are a badass in making money by Jen Sincero.

Unleash your inner Money Babe workbook by Kathrin Zenkina that’s like a full workbook for creating more wealth and abundance, positivity in your life. I will make full reviews on these books later.

KonMari by Marie Kondo – you probably know what KonMari is about but I recommend reading the book because it gives you some really good insight into how it works and how you go about doing it to you apartment and it can help you financially as well. If you go through everything and find out things that you could sell you can make money that way.

Radical self-love by Gala Darling – this book is about investing in yourself.

That is the top 12 things on the Taurus season bucket list. If you have anything to add leave me a comment or message me!

Books mentioned (affiliate links, amazon UK):

You are a badass at making money: https://amzn.to/2JwPMp7

Unleash Your inner money babe: https://amzn.to/2VsuC2E

KonMari: https://amzn.to/2WNgkqo

Radical Self love by Gala Darling – https://amzn.to/2RtmDeT

Guided meditation for trust and patience:


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